At 60, this World Series champ never felt better…

Interview with Glenn Braggs
By Visual Sherpa

Major League Baseball star Glenn Braggs is feeling stronger than ever before. He hasn't felt this fit since his days breaking bats in the world series. Braggs is known for his upper body strength, and in fact once snapped a bat on a check swing. When he stopped his swing, he put so much force on the bat to stop it that it sheared off just above the grip, without ever touching the ball. In the second inning of Game 4 of the 1990 World Series, he swung so hard at a pitch from the A's Dave Stewart that the bat broke on his back on the follow-through.

After his days playing professional baseball, Braggs continued working out, but experienced a decline in his health due to aging. His doctors recommended drugs to deal with arthritis and other issues. Glenn did his own research and decided to change his diet to a whole foods plant based diet. He gave up red meat, dairy, poultry and fish and he’s never looked back.